Hepple Douglas Fir Vodka


This single botanical spirit draws its flavour from just one ingredient: the needles of the Douglas Fir. The mouth feel is rich, tingly and luscious. Pine, melon and grapefruit sings out the long and lingering mouthfeel with bright sweet freshness.

ABV: 41%



The Hepple story started in one of England’s last wild sanctuaries in the remote moors of Northumberland, the whipping winds amongst the age of juniper bushes at Hepple, and the pursuit of a gin to make the perfect dry martini. The only way to capture the wild heart of this juniper was to completely rethink how the gin was made, thus the Triple Technique was born. The Triple technique is comprised of a copper pot still, glass vacuum still, and a super critical extraction.

Origin:Northumberland, England

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